chanja datti waste collection

At Chanja Datti, we gather recyclables directly from post-consumers through our “Operation Sort at Source” campaign. This allows us to generate recyclables that has not been intermingled with contaminants and dirt. This is such a critical piece of our process, as it reduces the amount of time and energy needed to get the recyclables back to reusable quality.

The collected recyclables are further processed at our plant and thereafter supplied to manufacturers and other recyclers who use the items as raw materials for the production in their manufacturing process.

At Chanja Datti, we are excited to be building partnerships with local and international brands where our “Recycredits™” members can start getting rewarded for building a sustainable, waste-free future and making a difference by taking daily ‘green’ actions to recycle the waste they generate in their homes and offices.

How Recycredits works
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  1. Enrollment is done through our online portal here or walk- in at our facility.
  2. Enrollees will receive welcome SMS from Chanja Datti Recycredits Wallet. You are required to change your temporary pin by dialing *610#.
  3. Enrollment & Recycredits Collection cards will be issued on confirmation of registration along with “Recycredits Earning Chart”
  1. Pickups are scheduled via online portal or sms text. Pickups are for bulk recyclables only. To fast-track the process, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS 08182389100 with your Full Names, Complete Address (indicating any landmark), Phone number and the Quantity of waste/recyclable for supply.”
  2. Alternatively, our recyclers can present their products to our field collection agents or bring it to our facilities.
  1. Recyclables collected are counted and accumulated based on our “Recycredits” point system
  2. Recyclers will receive SMS on value credited to their Chanja Datti Recycredits wallet based on “Recycredits” Earning Chart
  3. Earned points (based on “Recycredits” Earning Chart) are then used to redeem for incentives such as phone top-up, bill payments, shopping vouchers or cash.

Chanja Datti Recycredits™ earning chart

S/N Description Code QTY RC PTS
1. PET Plastic Bottles PB 10 1
2. Aluminium Cans AC 10 1
3. Water Sachets/Nylon Bags WS 100 1
4. Glass Bottles/Jars GB 100 1
5. Cartons & Cardboard CC 100 1
6. Old Newspapers, Textbooks ON 50 1
7. Old Tires OT 10 1
8. Laminate/Flexible pack FP 50 1
9. Tins TI 30 1
10. Deodorant Cans DC 25 1
11. Other Plastics: old chairs, bowls etc. OP 20 1
12. E-waste EW 5 1

Please note:

*All Recycredits participants must supply the required quantity to earn points. Points can be earned cumulatively.

*Points are redeemable from accumulation of 500 points.

If you have any other waste, send us a description or a picture and we’ll let you know if we can find a home for it and get some value for you.