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Religious centers Awareness and Enlightenment Initiative

Religious centers Awareness and Enlightenment Initiative: We are looking to spread the environmental sustainability message through our Churches/Mosques to support our collection efforts and advocate responsibility in managing our environment. Promoting Monthly recyclable wastes collection drive where members keep all the ‘clean’ recyclable wastes (PET bottles, beverage cans, old newspapers, old textbooks, corrugated cardboard, cartons, glass bottles etc.) they generate, and once a month, they bring it to place of worship for pickup.

Goal: Promote environmental sensitization awareness through our religious places of worship and collect 10, 000 tonnes of recyclable waste through monthly waste collection drive, to raise N100,000. (For every 100 kg of recyclables collected, you are donating N1,000 towards a cause in the religious house.)

Why: Our religious places of worship are always filled at least 4 times a month. We believe that religious places of worship would also be the ideal place to sensitize members (who run into the hundreds) about the role they play in keeping their larger environment clean, but also in helping their place of worship with their generated waste as “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Who: Religious places of worship to encourage their members to participate in the hate-waste-love-God initiative.


  • Monthly collection drive at religious place of worship, where members are encouraged to bring recyclables
  • Recyclables are weighed and tracked
  • Donation made back as support to religious place of worship.


  • Promote waste recycling and reuse as units of environmental sustainability.
  • Clean up the environment and divert 10,000 tonnes of waste from our landfills
  • Sensitization of members who will carry message to homes, offices etc.

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